Sometimes changes are much needed. It is important to stop and think about what you want to do or how far you want to go and if you add the courage to do it, you can call yourself an entrepreneur.

Our motto is “passion builds business” and at the moment there is passion, desire and effort, so here we go for our goal, to do business.

One of our goals is that our products are of the highest quality with modern and easy-to-use formats that optimize the space of a kitchen, both in a home and in a restaurant or a space in a store.

We learn a lot from our suppliers, but we also like to read “the Evooleum guide”, highly recommended for oil lovers. Training is something important for us, which is why we try to always be in continuous learning, whether in blind tastings or training courses.

We are aware of the product we sell and the city we are in, but we have to look for differentiation in some way and freshness and quality are some of our best weapons.

From our website you can see the different formats that we offer both extra virgin, olive pomace oil and sunflower oil. We make a small recommendation for the use of each one of them, but if there is any doubt, we could talk without any problem and thus see which one best suits your needs.

We hope you continue this adventure with us and any curiosity you may have, you can write to and we’ll talk.


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